Voices from the Blogstrom is the culmination of many years of thought, research, study and just plain listening.

When setting upon life’s stage of flowing action, many times a comment comes to mind – urging for utterance. Fortunately, most of the time, the urge lacks legs. In the majority of instances, this is good.

For such comment would have served to titillate ego, but could have also bruised a fragile, potential future.

The WHY for such reticence of comment is not unusual, it’s generally due to fear. Fear of failure, misunderstanding, rejection, implied ignorance or just plain fear of the dark. The ever present and looming dark world of life.

Life, when you’ve never trod its various coves of opportunity – equal to stumble as well as dance – is a dark, dank world we step into.

We go about to make our own scratch – the mark we want to leave behind for others to wonder at and we, to revel in – is this scary and enticing place. So, for many, we hold our tongue. And for one brief moment in our development, we make a good choice. For silence is powerful; when, likely, the only noise to be made, is made out of ignorance. Ours and ours alone: at least in the echo canyons of our auditory nerve.

I uncharacteristically, remained quiet.

The reasons – in the beginning are those mentioned above. In time, I began to see – also pointed out – the wisdom in remaining quiet. That is, until the time was right.

The right time, is either when there is something of value to add, or more importantly, ears willing to listen, become available.

Many splendid ideas and noble efforts are eagerly bounced off the dull hearing of fools. The effervescence of youth and excited innovators are not always privy to the existence of the predatory nature of the dark.

This is referred to as naivete. However, when the naivete is gone, such speaking, solely for the sake of the action, is vanity. And vanity only serves someone else to become the displaced owner of our wealth; physical or spiritual.

Speaking is a powerful tool. It is one of the tools found within our Human Handy-box to truly set us apart from the rest of the biology on the planet. It’s also one of our most abused tools. We use it far too often. We use it for what it was not intended. We force it against the very instructive foundation for it’s use.

It is, also, a mighty and double-edged sword. One that swings just as freely for morbid destruction as is does for enlightened creativity.

The majority of our kind have yet to understand this simple principle.

The whirling power that surrounds us today – the technology we refer to as the Internet – is no different. In fact it is a grand stage upon which we display our serious lack of control and knowledge of the use for the power of Speech.

Yet, oddly at the same time, in the crevices of darkness there exist glowing glimmers of hope. Light pours forth, from where human activity has begun to tap into the positive potential of this mighty tool. Useful information. Splendid speech. Data so positive it inspires more light – powerful enough to reflect off the absorbing walls of negativity, plebeian to the dark.

Paradoxically, it is the combination of the dark-speak and the light-speak that make up the Blogosphere. That vaporous land we attach relevancy to in the ether called the Internet; where ‘citizen journalism’ is taking place… and root. That ether has a voice; and a loud one – growing louder by the second. Like all else that has emanated from that ether, the ‘Voice’ is attached to the humanity around us.

It is us.

This ‘Voice’ is what I have named, The Blogstrom.

The Blogstrom is our collective virtual-voice of the goings on within what I see as the maelstrom intersection of Information and Life.

Today these two great divides have become so entwined that separation is near to impossible; at least, not without great difficulty and painful disruption. Good thing or bad, this is yet to be determined. We do have say in this matter. Of this, we must speak; better yet, act.

It is the Voice to which we are enticed. For in each voice-within-the-Voice, we hear not only ourselves, but the indication, invocation, rumination of others. Not unlike, our needs, our hopes, our dreams, our fears, our worry, our aspirations – the very root of our lives.

The only difference between these Voices and the Voices from across the eons and countless fire pits of the past, is the speed and dimension with which we now access them. And within that difference lies the very nature, fueling, many of the problems we face today. For as never before, we begin to understand the old sage: “Speed Kills”. That is a statement with very broad implications for our day and time.

The coat of the paint is all that has changed.

Man is a communicator. Only the range and speed by which the communication takes form have changed. Man does speak with, ‘forked-tongue’. A proclivity that is not bound, nor exclusive to, the color of ones skin; sexual plumbing; taste of food; choice of governance; divine reflection or amount of jingle to place on the counter for a cup of caffe. We are all part of and part in, the creation of the maelstrom.

We are the Blogstrom. And these are the Voices.