It has been far too long since I posted to Voices from the Blogstrom. But this re-entry should prove quite interesting.

I have been a traveler amid the Internet world for a long time. Frankly since BEFORE there was such a thing as the Internet. I was touching the sinewy strands of packeted electrons long before I even knew what I was actually dabbling in. I was into BBS in the late 80’s.  Before that I was intrigued by research communications between universities and government agencies.  Though I had ‘heard of’ and ‘conversed about’ such activity, I had never actually participated.

My open-window came in January 1990, when I entered the world of academia for schooling and not work. I was not aware of the door that was opening, when I walked into the class on Watershed Design, that January day in 1990, but before long I was introduced to a world that would rock-my-boat and – quite literally – change my life forever!

So, I’ve been a part of this parade of information availability, from nearly the git-go.  I’ve known – by proxy of the electron-flow -many of the celebrity and pioneer who made all that we enjoy, use and quite literally depend upon, today. It’s been a whale-of-a-ride. Glad to say, it’s not over yet, either.

One of the things that comes with such intimacy with the genesis of such a socialtal-rocking-event, as the Internet, is the abiltiy to add new words to the Lexicon of USE, if not the official Lexicon of Language.  Whether one is the actual inventor of the ‘new word’ or not, its nearly as much fun to be in proximity and be able to say, “I was there – or – as-close-an-information-packet-can-allow to the whole thing”. That is pretty neat. Or as they say in Maine, ‘Wicked good!” .

I should have created this Category on Voices long before now, but it just did not occur to me until today. Literally.

I was filling out a Contact form for information about a site called Water Falls Northwest; which, BTW has been around for a long time; and when I read how long the site had been published I was made this statement:

“I can’t believe – after being a Internetalactic Traveler for over 20 years – I’m still just now finding treasures like your site!”

I realized, as I typed those words that I have created a number of ‘new words’ for the Internet Lexicon, but have never really – or officially – registered them.  I have gone back and Googled the various words and – like the word ‘Internetalactic’ – the earliest search return was from 2002.  I coined the word in July 1993, as my version of the Hitchhikers Guide the Galaxy (1979)… saying in a now defunct … that, “… as an Internetalactic Traveler, I should write my own version of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and call it the,  Internetalactic Travelers Guide to Galaxy Interent .. or some such nonsense”.   But, I didn’t .. for good reason.  Because someone already had, way back in 1987!

Ed Krol, working over at the University of Illinois, Super Computing Center (just a rocket toss west of me) had already done it. Ed authored the  Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet (HGTTI), wow!, back in 1987.   If you have not read it, do so. It will give you some perspective on just how fast things have changed!

Later, I looked through my files, and low-and-behold,  there it ’twas, my very own copy of  HGTTI!!  I re-read it and even more wished I’d been the one to write it.  But hey, Ed’s a cool dude.  Had I gone to college when I existed high school, like Ed,  I might have been the one to write it. But boy, is that a gigantic whiff-of-IF!!   O’Reilly Publishing officially put the HGTTI to immortality on paper, in 1992.

But .. I had the word/phrase: Internetalactic Traveler, though. ‘Twas all mine.  But, I didn’t do anything with it.  It and several other interesting – and not-so-very-interesting – expressions.

Filling out that form – and using the word Internetalactic again, inspired me to write all this down – publically – and finally document my own personal, Internetalactic Travels.

OK .. but that’s  NOT happening here.  What IS happening here is a compilation of my own ‘new words/phrases’.  If for no other reason that they will be in one-place, online, where  I can access and refer to them.   Just to add spice to the variety, I’ll add two (2) other things to the mix.

  • A bit of background on the scrumming up of the word or phrase
  • Inclusion of some hairbrained ideas I’ve had along the way as well .. with a bit of background on them, too.

So it begins. The listing .. as the etymological reference calls it offically .. the NEOLOGISMS from my mind .. the Neologist.